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    It's Not Just a Cleaning

    This webinar featuring Irene Orellano will cover getting patients to understand that their cleaning is more than JUST a cleaning!


    Is There a Role for Probiotics in Oral Health? An Evidence-Based Discussion

    This lecture will provide an up-to-date evidence-based discussion for the oral healthcare professional on the use of probiotics and their role in dentistry.


    Dental Hygiene - COVID-19 & Beyond

    Coronavirus poses a much higher risk to people living with pre-existing conditions and systemic inflammation. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we consider the role we play as true health care providers to support our patients to optimal oral and overall health.


    Improve bone defect repair

    Join HANSAmed and Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh as we discuss Innovation and predictability, improve bone defect repair using Geistlich Bio-OssĀ® granules! The current long list of available natural and/or synthetic materials and surgical techniques makes the decision-making challenging with regards to what graft materials and surgical approach to use in oral surgery.


    Full mouth immediate load and challenging hard & soft tissue augmentation

    Full mouth immediate load will be discussed from a unique prospective. The patients perspective . Testimonials from 2 weeks after to 8 years after treatment will be shown. We will look at the long term failures and what we have learned over the last 10 years, is it acceptable to treat everyone with one paint brush? We will demonstrate both surgical and prosthetic techniques using the latest treatment options available in immediate load. We will also look at some common errors and causes of failure both in the short term and long term. Surgical augmentation both hard tissue and soft tissue will be shown, that are used to correct these failures. Finally we will conclude that there is another option, a hybrid option that has better long term success both from the patients perspective and clinical perspective.


    How to Enhance Wound Healing in Implant & Oral Surgery: the use of Aminogam

    This webinar featuring Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli will discuss how wound healing following periodontal and implant surgery is a key moment in order to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes.

    The wound healing following periodontal and implant surgery is a key moment in order to achieve optimal aesthetic and functional outcomes. In the recent years, procedures and techniques have been developed to enhance soft tissue healing. The use of hyaluronic acid plus amino acids is able to help clinicians in pursuing these needs in the daily practice, giving predictability also in the most challenging situations.