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    Online Rewards Program

    No catches! It works just like regular dollars, giving you flexibility with every purchase. Each point is equivalent to $1 in value for any purchase, including covering the cost of tax and shipping. Customers can pay their purchase amount entirely with earned reward points!​

    Terms & Conditions

    Reward Point Earning Value: You will earn 1% of every dollar spent with us as reward points, excluding shipping and tax.​

    • Point Value: Each point you earn is equivalent to $1 in value for any purchase, including covering the cost of tax and shipping. You have the flexibility to pay for your entire purchase using earned reward points.​
    • Point Validity: The points you earn remain valid for 365 days. This means that each purchase you make on different dates will have its own timeline spanning 365 calendar days.​
    • Incentives:
      • Sign-Up Bonus: New online customers will receive $10 in reward points upon registration, valid for 30 days.​ Click here to sign up now.
    • Earning Points: Points are earned only when you purchase online using a credit card upon registration.​
    • Redeeming Points: During checkout, you can view your available points and choose to redeem them before selecting a payment method.​
    • Cancellation Policy: In case of a payment cancellation, redeemed reward points will be returned to your account.​
    • Program Eligibility: The Online Rewards Program is limited to direct customers in Canada. Please note that distributors are not eligible to participate. Additionally, the program does not apply to international customers, individuals from the United States, or medical professionals.
    • Points Ownership: Points are not transferable or eligible for donation to any other account or individual.

    Pay with your Credit Card and start enjoying the benefits of every purchase.