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    The definition of pain is physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. Unfortunately, pain is a part of daily life whether it’s caused by accidental trauma or the result of a necessary surgery, and how we deal with pain is unique from person to person. In the dental world, we have many tools in our arsenal to combat our patients’ pain, but what is available that offers the least risk to your patient?

    • Articaine: dental practitioner use, the basis of perception and evidence-based dentistry a cross-sectional study

      BDJ Open 2022, E Martin et al

    Articaine, which was first introduced in the Canadian dental market in 1985 has been a popular choice for clinicians for many years. It performs just as well as lidocaine but offers extra benefits such as safer second injections, quick metabolization, and a higher degree of safety for those with liver issues. Articaine also offers more thorough anesthesia than lidocaine in situations where infection/inflammation is present. Despite the many benefits and overall strength of Articaine, there remains a taboo when using it due to fear of paresthesia, despite it being disproved. The following article will seek to ascertain the use of Articaine among general practitioners, the basis of their perceptions about articaine and whether current practices are in line with recent evidence regarding articaine safety and efficacy.


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