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    Meet the team

    Team HANSAmed is a group of problem solvers and creative thinkers who are dedicated to serving the dental community in Canada. HANSAmed is growing fast, and we are looking for extraordinary people to share their experience and expertise.

    HANSAmed Customer-Facing Team

    Trusted Advisor: 

    Our experienced and enthusiastic group of nationally located representatives are thrilled to work closely with customers to fulfill their specific needs. Their extensive expertise in the field thoroughly caters to the Canadian dental community as they strive to deliver the best-trusted service possible.

    Richard Say
    Geistlich Regeneration Expert
    José Perrault
    Geistlich Regeneration Expert
    Lindsay Forsberg
    Geistlich Regeneration Expert
    Rachel Wollison
    Geistlich Regeneration Expert

    Account Executive: 

    The passionate, responsive and highly trained team of head office-based members are very pleased to partner with customers, offer solutions and add value. They are committed to excellence and take great pleasure in serving the needs of the Canadian dental community.

    Cindy Deraiche
    Manager, Customer Experience
    Mira Ranisavljevic
    Sr. Account Executive
    Vicky Dundas
    Sr. Account Executive
    Bradley Patterson
    Account Executive
    Kieran Wilson
    Account Executive
    Lighthouse Account Executive
    David Marceau
    Account Executive

    Clinical Science and Education: 

    Hansamed is passionate about dentistry and education. We are motivated in supporting the transfer of knowledge, best practices, and successful clinical experiences.  

    Nicole Konstadakos
    Education and Events Coordinator

    On behalf of the entire HANSAmed team, we would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to our continued and growing relationship bettering the lives of dental patients. Please click here BOOK A MEETING with your HANSAmed team members.

    HANSAmed Management Team

    George Cugini
    Director of Business Strategy
    Julia Kost
    Renata Brelik
    Finance/HR Manager
    Tatiana Molina
    Clinical Science Director
    Adriatik Mete
    Quality and Regulatory Manager
    Stephen Upton
    Director, Sales and Customer Experience
    Pamela Gordon
    Event Manager
    Mark Effah
    Distribution Manager
    Lyris MacEachern
    Operations Manager
    Haejeong Woo
    Virtual Commerce Director
    Maik Rehfeldt