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    OMNIA® Carda #4 probe-compactor 0.59"/spoon, 1 Instr/Pouch

    The post-extractive set developed with Dr. Daniele Cardaropoli, has been designed to perform the extraction of dental elements in an atraumatic and minimally invasive way in order to keep intact the soft tissues, especially of the interdental papilla and of the cortical bone. The instrument Carda # 4, finds its application in the techniques of ridge preservation for the filling of the socket after extraction and in immediate post-extractive implants for filling the gap between bone and implant.

    OMNIA® Castroviejo 5.52", curved, rnd handle, 1 Instr/Pouch

    Castroviejo line of needle-holders with tungsten carbide inserts; round handle, length of 14cm and with a curved head.

    The Omnia® surgical kit line offers convenient, pre-assembled procedure kits that provide your surgical team with the sterile disposable devices needed for most dental surgical procedures.

    OMNIA® DC1 millimetric probe 0.59", 1 Instr/Pouch

    The colored markings easily allow to identify the different probing depths at 5, 10 and 15 mm. The probe has been developed to be also used in the diagnosis of very deep pockets.

    OMNIA® DC10 scaler M23, 1 Instr/Pouch

    Designed for the removal of supragingival calculus deposits, it finds its ideal use both in the removal of calcified deposits and in the phase of root planning.

    OMNIA® DC2 tissue dissector 53.14", 1 Instr/Pouch

    Tissue dissector. Its small anatomical shape makes it ideal for detaching soft tissues and specifically for detaching the interdental papilla preserved in regenerative surgery.

    OMNIA® DC3 Kramer-Nevins scalpel n11, 1 Instr/Pouch

    The characteristic lance - shaped tip is recommended in the procedures of intra groove incision in interdental spaces and for the detachment of the papilla base. The tip has left and right side working part.


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