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    Brand: CodeBlu

    CodeBlu Medical Emergency Kit

    CodeBlu Medical Emergency Kits are designed to enable clinics to respond to a medical emergency in the office. With proof of clinic and licensing, CodeBlu Medical Kits offer a variety of medical emergency medications to help save lives during a medical emergency. CodeBlu comes with an automatically built-in medication expiry tracking and auto-replenishment service.


    CodeBlu Medical has you enrolled in an auto-renewing subscription service. Upon purchase of a CodeBlu Medical Emergency kit, you are automatically enrolled into a subscription that has you pay an annual fee for upkeep of the medications. Since each medication comes with a unique expiration date, it can be overwhelming to track and replace each one on your own. Allow CodeBlu Medical to take on this responsibility.


    Key points:

    • No in-house tracking of expiration dates
    • Single billing and invoicing annually
    • Cost effective
    • Easy to use
    • Always prepared to save a life
    Part Number: 1010001


    Features & Benefits:

    • Contains 6 basic medical emergency medications
    • Guidance chart for details about medications and therapeutic categories
    • Includes syringes, CPR pocket mask and alcohol swabs
    • Automatically track, monitor and replenish medications prior to expiration
    • Annual fee includes freight and cost of medication
    • Single invoicing for the year


    CodeBlu Medical Emergency Kit contains

     Epinephrine 1mg/ml (2 units)

     Diphenhydramine 50mg/ml (2 units)

     Salbutamol Inhaler 100 ug (1 unit)

     Nitroglycerin pump spray 0.4mg (1 unit)

     Aspirin® 81mg (1 unit)

     Insta-Glucose 31mg (1 unit)

     CPR Mask (1 unit)

     Protective carry case (1 unit)

     Syringes (2 units)

     Alcohol Wipes (2 units)

     Ammonia Inhalants (2 units)