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Hiring Policy

HANSAmed Limited's Hiring Policy



HANSAmed supports opportunities for employees to broaden their skills and experiences by internal movement that is aligned with company goals and manageable for both employees and HANSAmed. Our objectives are to

  • Provide equitable opportunities for employee development
  • Fill vacant positions on a ‘best possible fit’ basis


Every effort will be made to promote or laterally transfer an existing employee to a vacant position within HANSAmed, provided that the employee meets the position’s basic requirements and demonstrates that he or she can apply the necessary knowledge and skills appropriately in the various types of situations common to the position.


  1. When a vacancy exists within HANSAmed, all existing employees will be granted the first opportunity to apply for the position.
  2. The position may be posted on a common bulletin board in each office and/or in the form of an email announcement, depending on the nature of the position. (Special notification may be made to and/or arrangements may be made with individuals who do not work in a HANSAmed office, or to an individual who is strongly considered to be a suitable fit.)
  3. After all internal candidates are evaluated, if a suitable fit exists, the position will be offered to the internal candidate. If more than one internal candidate is suitable then an interview process will take place to identify the best candidate.
  4. If no internal candidate is deemed to be a suitable match for the position, the recruitment process will continue externally.



HANSAmed believes in a fair and equitable process for interviewing.


All candidates for a vacant position will be interviewed as a core part of the recruitment and selection process. 


A three-tiered process ensures broad involvement by supervisors and managers in order to gain in-depth information about each candidate's experience, attitudes and approaches. The information then enables us to evaluate how well the candidate would perform in the position and to assess his or her fit within HANSAmed. The process also provides the candidate with a good understanding of the job opportunity, while generating a positive feeling towards our company. 

All candidates, whether recruited internally or by an employment agency, must follow three stages.

Stage 1: Team interview with supervisor/manager to probe for detailed information about the candidate's skills/abilities and to assess fit within the team. This is also an opportunity to provide the candidate with information about HANSAmed, including

  • nature of our business
  • brief history of HANSAmed
  • HANSAmed's culture

Stage 2: Human Resources personnel contacts candidates by email with instructions for internal testing to be done.

Stage 3: Second meeting with supervisor/manager to assess potential fit with HANSAmed, review the Work Profile, to cross-check data on the candidate and to address candidate's additional questions or concerns, while providing the information the candidate needs to appreciate why the position is the best career choice for him or her. 

  • Post-Interview Activities
  • Within a few days of the stage 3 interview, a meeting takes place among all parties involved in the interview process to discuss the candidate and to make a final recommendation.
    • The manager meets with Human Resources personnel to discuss total compensation.
    • Human Resources personnel complete a New Employee Form including additional information about the candidate, and help get the signatures of the responsible manager and the Managing Director to authorize the total compensation. The form and the candidate's résumé are then forwarded to Human Resources.
    • The manager contacts the successful candidate and offers him or her the position. Human Resources personnel notify unsuccessful candidates by letter.
    • After the candidate’s acceptance, the Human Resources Manager drafts a contract and has it signed by the responsible manager, the Managing Director and the candidate.



All candidates, whether recruited using a recruitment agency or by Human Resources, must have a minimum of three reference checks completed by either the recruiting manager or Human Resources personnel to ensure that a thorough profile of the candidate has been obtained. 


  1. The candidates who have been short-listed will be required to provide a list of references after their interviews have been completed.
  2. Once the interviews have been completed and a short list of two or three candidates exists, either the recruiting manager or Human Resources personnel must complete reference checks.


HANSAmed strives to bring on board proactive, aggressive, positive, open-minded individuals who have ideas, visions and knowledge to share. These individuals must have a passion for excellence, a drive to be ‘first among equals’ and a strong desire to create and deliver top-quality service for our clients. With this attitude and commitment, individually and as a company, we will continue to succeed.


HANSAmed will offer equal employment opportunities to all applicants who are legally entitled to work in Canada, in accordance with the Employment Standards Act, as well as with the Human Rights Code of Canada.


  1. Once a candidate is selected, the manager or Managing Director, in consultation with Human Resources personnel, will determine the terms of employment based on the standards set by Human Resources (i.e. total compensation: salary, vacation, etc.).
  2. Human Resources personnel will complete a New Employee Form, including any additional information for hiring purposes. This form currently requires signatures from the recruiting manager and the Managing Director to authorize the total compensation offered.
  3. All related paperwork should be sent to Human Resources (e.g. the signed form and a copy of the resume, etc.).
  4. Either the recruiting manager or Human Resources personnel may telephone the selected candidate to make a verbal offer of employment and schedule a final employment meeting.
  5. A contract is drafted and the recruiting manager and the Managing Director must sign it.
  6. The contract will be sent to the candidate by e-mail for review and to provide the candidate and opportunity to seek legal advise.
  7. At the final employment meeting both parties will sign the contract an employment will commence as mutually agreed.



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