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Objection Handling with Arestin


 Ideally, the optimal dental appointment would play as follows; the clinician observes the concern, provides a diagnosis, patient accepts treatment and an appointment is booked to complete their treatment. This is not always the case. Many patients are being held back from accepting treatment due to a deficiency in funds or understanding.  Discussions about periodontal treatment with SRP + Arestin can be left until further complications arise and become too severe to turn back. How can we make case acceptance a more consistent reality?

Treatment acceptance is essential in the dental office. If the patient doesn’t understand or accept the diagnosis and treatments suggested where do we go from there? Maybe it’s not so much a factor of where to go now but where should we have started? Focusing on what could have been improved along the way is going to be a much better indicator of what should have been done, said or emphasized to enhance the outcome.

The following report, which summarizes patient survey results, explains ways to improve the path to heighten the end result to be a much more favorable response. Re-energize your focus on the education of the patient. Assist them in understanding the problematic outcome of allowing something like periodontal disease to persist in the mouth. Address the concern with the right language to provoke action and finalize it with the teamwork of all staff members. These initial steps are key in enhancing case acceptance.

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